Friday, July 17, 2009

The (4,5) Crosswords

Absolutely frustrated and exasperated with the abysmal quality of the Hindu crossword these days. Negative this post may be, but hey I got me a muse! :)


1 Now in the abyss, just a good girl initially (4,5)
2 Gets confused: one Roman giant jag on Greek slopes(4,5)
3 Girl, clumsy moves ain't a jig (4,5)
4 One ganja git on steroids? Sort of (4,5)
5 Known for a half a jiff gag hints, endlessly confused (4,5)
6 Rhymher: clues neat are buggy, say 5D (4,5)
7 Always gets Aga TJ in karate dress, say gee! (4,5)
8 Respect tag for completely gaga, half nitwit? Hardly. (4,5)
9 Blasphemer in the Holy Grid (4,5)

Discards (only because I am not the answer :) )
Eskimo house without toilet messes up Agra monument profit (4,5)
Sings motley clue at Jain gig (4,5)


Anonymous said...

(4,5) crossword should be (4,5) style.

Antlions return regularly in intoxication to railway soldier or her? (4,5)

Thomas Jay Cubb said...

i got the antlions regularly part :) but not the second part, the 5 aspect.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

intoxication= jag
soldier = gi
railway is there, just like it was in her yesterday's CW, 'railways spies' just to add to the further confusion.