Friday, September 02, 2005

The Lime Sublime

Here is an excerpt from my poem "Free Verse I - The Anthem", the first part in my Free Verse trilogy. The first four lines here are to set the background. The snippet, I suppose, can stand on its own.

(From Free Verse - I )

It is the poet’s struggle
To find the words to juggle
To make it a decent rhyme
On lines, each and every time.
If capture the poet’s heart does an orange
(Oh,that lime sublime!)
But alas, which has no rhyme!
How his feelings can he messenge?
Is his to be a still-born rime
For his hapless subject’s ‘crime’?
- Thomas Jay Cubb

PS Other words with no rhymes include : month, nothing, purple. Also check out the limerick by Jim Farrand at

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My prayer to your blog (originally prayer before I read a book)

I watch thee through my blind eyes,
One giant eye in blue cloudy skies,
Peering through a multitude of sheeny speculations,
Like a disco light casting its vibrant reflections.

Trying to figure out the twisted route,
You seem to take me with fleet foot,
Take me, where you will, I beg of you,
The red grounds of Hades, I will follow too,

But lead me not the familiar grounds of herd,
The safe haven of familiarity, I find absurd,
Lets elope this reality and truth the world offers,
Instead laze in a strawberry field, amidst a thousand philosophers,

I beg you, take me to a foggy surreality,
This, is, my only prayer to thee.

- A reader from now of your blogs