Wednesday, August 24, 2005

To Blog Or Not To Blog

For months on end, I deliberated. Everyone was doing it, why wasn't I? The answer: because everyone was doing it! Any self-respecting author believes himself to be special, mould-breakingly so. Why be a drop in an ocean?

The blog is the last resort of the unpublished author.
Every dog has his blog.

Should I really stoop so low to conquer?

Maybe fears of being an open book, of having my brain-children dissected, decimated and appraised as worthless as well, (worst of all) being told that my grammar was all wrong... were the reasons that were stopping me.

Nothing was happening. No publishers coming in search of the golden child. No motivation to write either. My pen was getting rustier than a sword in this nuclear age....

So, finally, I've made the plunge. And I'm doing it at Cubb's pace, here on/in/at(?) Cubbspace.

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